Rent the Studio

Our HOT SHOP Features:
furnace (up to 40kg clear Cristalica 101 Glass)
glory hole
– 37cm wide x 64 cm deep
annealer with optional shelves
– 82.5cm tall x 124cm wide x 73cm deep
one bench
two marvers
– large: 110cm wide x 60cm deep
– small: 60cm wide x 40cm deep
pipe warmer
pipe cooler
oxygen/propane torch
propane torch
– 27.5cm tall x 78cm wide x 34cm deep
– 20cm tall x 20cm wide door opening
basic hand tools
pipes and punties
variety of Reichenbach colors – bar and powders

We offer three different options for renting the studio: hourly, half day, and a full day. We offer a discount for renting FIVE days throughout the month.Rental Rates include up to 5kg per hour of glass, glory hole, pipe warmer, bench, marvers, pipe cooler, basic hand tools, and basic pipes and punties. Does not include assistance and/or additional materials.
Hourly – 55€ minimum 3 hours
Half Day – 200€ 10am – 2pm or 2pm – 6pm
Full Day – 325€ 10am – 6pm
Five Days – 1500€

Additional Materials
oxygen/propane torch – 25€ per day
propane torch – 10€ per day
garage – 35€ per day
large pipes and punties – 15€ per day
Reichenbach colors – 5€ per 100g color

Gaffers and Assistants
We offer gaffers and assistants at both hourly and daily rates. All prices exclude VAT.
Depending on the type of work, the rate for gaffers is between 50€ and 60€ per hour and 250€ and 400€ per day.
Depending on the type of work, the rate for assistants is between 25€ and 30€ per hour and 150€ and 250€ per day.


Advice and Private Instruction
We have many years of experience and are interested to help with your work. We offer advice and instruction in the hot shop at a rate 50€ per hour excluding VAT. We also offer workshops and private lessons, for more information


Photos: Copyright Gent Glas 2016. Photo Credits: Evert Van Laere