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Are you an artist or designer looking to have your ideas realized in glass?
Are you interested in commissioning a one of a kind sculpture, vessel or custom lighting for your home or business?
Or do you want a unique gift or award for your employees?

Photo Credit: Edwin Pieters.
Photo Credit: Evert Van Laere
Photo Credit: Edwin Pieters
Photo Credit: Maurice La Rooy
Photo Credit: Edwin Pieters

All photos used with Permission. All Rights Reserved by the Artists. Photo Credits: Vary

We have nearly 30 years of combined experience working with glass. We are able to help bring your ideas to fruition. We have a history of working together with artists such as Koen van Mechelen, designers such as Frederik Delbart, students, and private customers.

Gaffers and Assistants
We offer the opportunity to have your work made by the experts at Gent Glas.
Daily rates begin at 850€ (excl. VAT).
Half Day rates begin at 450€ (excl. VAT).
Hourly Rates begin at 200€ per hour (excl. VAT).
To find out more about having your work made, please send a request to john@gentglas.com

Advice and Private Instruction
We have many years of experience and are interested to help with your work. We offer advice and instruction in the hot shop at a rate 50€ per hour excluding VAT. We also offer workshops and private lessons, for more information