Hand Made

Zijde g’intresseerd in hoge kwaliteits, handgemaakte dinges van lokale artiesten?
Zijde wel te vinden voor betaalbare kunst van lokale en buitenlandse kunstenaars?
Zegt een demonstratie of ne workshop mee glas u wel iets?                                                                                                                 Vree wijs…                                                                                                     Gent Glas is een unieke professionele en publieke glasstudio mee een gallerij, ne winkel en een café in ‘t hartje van Gent.
Are you interested in high-quality, handmade items made by local artists?
Are you interested in affordable artworks made by local and international artists?
Are you interested in live glassmaking demonstrations and workshops?
Gent Glas is a unique professional and public glass studio, gallery, shop, and café located in the heart of Ghent, Belgium.
INFERNO glasses are inspired by the artisan tradition of Belgian Beer Brewing. This glass is ideal for Belgian Beers, holding 33cl and allowing for the perfect amount of head. Our signature Gent Glas stamp is embedded on the bottom of the inside of the glass to allow the beer to aerate perfectly and induce the maximum amount of flavor.
INFERNO glasses are used at our cafe at Gent Glas Studios in Ghent, Belgium. INFERNO glasses are loved by our locals and optimal for serving traditional and local Belgian Strong Beers, Blondes, Bruins, and Belgian IPA’s. Each glass is hand crafted to perfection. Hand-washing is recommended, though these glass are safe for the dishwasher. These glasses enrich the flavor of your beer and look cool doing so.If you are visiting Ghent or are a local, INFERNO glasses are always available in our shop during FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE, or you can purchase them online for 35€ Each or 120€ for a Set of FourPURCHASE

They say “first impressions are the best impressions”. These candle holders make a perfect impression – you control the fire! They fit with any decor, yet are unique enough to set your place apart. PROMETHEUS keep your fire under control while creating a cozy atmosphere; we even use them on our own terrace. Each one is hand crafted to make sure the form feels perfect. Our signature Gent Glas stamp is embedded on the bottom of the inside of each PROMETHEUS candle holder to guarantee authenticity.

Whether you are just visiting for the weekend or live around the corner, PROMETHEUS globes are available at Gent Glas Studios during FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE for 50€ Each or 180€ for a Set of Four. Come in, enjoy the show, and leave with a one-of-a kind creation.

If the utilitarian glass was conquered by the industrial production, the artistic glass sector keeps showing great vitality. Glass blowers are among the most creative and dynamic craftsmen, and the new generations use traditional methods to produce unique contemporary pieces.Tribute is the result of collaboration between Frederik Delbart and Gent Glas, in which the centenary activity is addressed with a contemporary approach. In this creation Frederik Delbart contemplates and evidences introspection, playing with shades and transparency, with the delicacy and roughness, declining a mysterious and enigmatic universe where the fragility of glass finds its support on the iron structure.
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